Team Windfall
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Windfall Cycling

Windfall rides are open to any rider.  You should be able to ride the distance and pace of the group.  You should carry a spare tube, pump, and tools and know how to use them.  If you have a question about a ride, please check with the person listed as contact person.  Paces listed with rides are only guestimates unless so stated.   Arrive early, so you can prepare without holding up your fellow riders!


  • Tuesday’s 5:30am:  26 miles 20-24mph pace
  • Thursday’s 5:30am – 26 miles, 20-24mph pace
  • Saturday’s 7:30am – 50 miles, 21-25mph pace

Where:  We depart from the Town of Belleair and meet up at the corner of the Big Dogs house and Little Willy’s.

Description:  The ride will head north to downtown Clearwater, over the Clearwater bridge, through Island Estates and the head out to the North end of Clearwater Beach. From the North end of Clearwater Beach we head South over the Sand Key bridge down to the Walsingham traffic light.  Heading back North, taking a right on West Bay, we sprint up the Belleair Bridge and turn back into the Town of Belleair.

Rider Information:

Riding in a group is both more fun and significantly more efficient.  Drafting can save you up to 20% of the energy needed to go it alone!  At the end of a long (or fast) ride this can mean the difference between getting dropped and finishing with the group.   Riding in paceline, however, entails additional risks and requires more situational awareness than riding alone. Below are some guidelines that will make sure that you and all of your riding partners have a great ride and get home safely.

No sudden moves

  • Keep an even pace and don't weave
  • Avoid using your brakes needlessly (instead sit up and coast).
  • If you must use your brakes, apply them very gently and call out "Slowing!" to communicate your intentions.
  • If the rider in front of you accelerates quickly, let them go. Instead, accelerate slowly to catch up and avoid creating an "accordion effect".

Do NOT overlap wheels

  • This is a GUARANTEED way to cause a crash!
  • Maintain about a foot between your front wheel and the rear wheel of the person in front of you.
  • Novices will attempt to maintain this distance by fixating on the rear wheel of the rider in front of them.  Don't do it!
  • The best practice is to look over the shoulder of the rider in front of you to see what's coming and avoid sudden overcorrections.
  • If the rider in front of you slows down, avoid sudden braking by sitting up or moving to the side.

Signal your intentions

  • This applies to EVERYTHING you do that will result in even the smallest change in speed or direction.  Use both verbal and hand signals to clearly communicate your intentions.

 Leading the pace line has special responsibilities

  • Watch for road hazards and call them out early ("hole", "car up", etc)
  • Avoid accelerating when your turn starts at the front. If you absolutely must accelerate, do it slowly.
  • Signal your intentions when you end your turn at the front, keep pedaling until you are clear of the line behind you, then soft pedal to drift back and make room for the next leader to pull off.

Don't let fatigue make you drop your guard

  • At the end of a very long ride, everyone will be getting tired.  This is a time for special care.  Watch yourself, watch your peers and finish safely.
  • If you are getting tired, take very short turns at the front (or skip your turn entirely) to conserve your strength.